Best Players in Boston Celtics History

Many factors make the Boston Celtics unique. For one, it is among the three surviving teams since the birth of the NBA. In addition, the team is the most successful in all of NBA history. In fact, I doubt there is any other more successful sports team. The Boston Celtics have been crowned Champions an astounding seventeen times.

Bill Russell

The man is simply a legend. I am convinced he is one of the greatest sportsmen of this century. He holds 12 MVP awards. All these MVP awards are both for the finals and season MVP awards. A record that convinces me he is the best is the fact that he won 11 championships within 13 years. Although Jordan came close to that, he still never beat the legend that is Bill Russell. There is simply no one better than this legend, in my opinion.

Larry Bird

He is another legendary player. I believe his height was a real advantage for him. It allowed him to make shots over other players from any position. He had an amazing ability to make 3’s with ease. Although he was not gifted athletically, he worked extremely hard. It is what allowed him to achieve so much more than other naturally gifted athletes of his time did.

Robert Parish

Known by the nickname “The Chief,” he was another awesome Celtic player. His strongest point was as a shot blocker. At his time, his defensive skills were simply amazing. In addition, he was renowned for his mid-range jump shots that led his team to glory. He was the man blocking all the shots during the memorable 1996 championship game. His shot blocking record remains unchallenged to date. In addition, he is the second best in number of rebounds.

Bob Cousy

His skills, I believe, were years ahead of his era. His passing skills and ball-handling ability was quite legendary. During his time with the Celtics, he helped them to win six championships. He is also the all-time leader in assists for the Celtics. He was very effective at dribbling past the defenders and getting the ball where it needed to be. He has an MVP award and made it to the All-Star team 13 times.

John Havelick

I believe he is one of the most underappreciated legends of the NBA. For one, I hardly hear anyone talks about this legendary player. He won eight NBA titles during his entire career. In fact, only two other players have won more titles than he has. He is the all-time leading player in games at Celtics. He has a perfect 8-0 records at the finals. Although he played for so long, he never seemed to tire. He is also an NBA Finals MVP, and a 13-time All-Star team NBA player. He is also a surefire Hall of Famer. His name deserves to be mentioned more often.

Kevin McHale

Although McHale looks quite goofy, his skills were awesome. With his extremely long arms and his quick feet, he could the ball whenever he wanted, and get it where he wanted. He won the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year Award twice. He played a crucial role in the Celtic’s three title teams. He appeared in six All-Defensive team selections. He was also in seven All-Star appearances and one ALL-NBA designation. Although he was forced into retirement by injury, his legendary skills remain unmatched. He is second in blocks and fifth in points scored for the Celtics. He also played a crucial role in the 1986 Boston Celtics team, which is one of the best teams in the NBA.


Although there are undoubtedly an endless number of legendary Celtic players, these ones stand out. Their achievements have made the Boston Celtics franchise into what it is today. I expect the future to produce players that are even more legendary.